Norsk Engrosservice online store got some really cool things to shop for. I bought a hover board an year back from their website and let me tell you it’s a steal at the price I got it for. If you will go for the same quality on any other website, you will certainly be shocked to see the prices they sell it for. A Big Thumbs up to the company from my part.

By :- Anushree D

My Son Jason was really pushing me up to buy a new electric mini scooter for him on his 7th birthday. Though I was tight on my monthly budget, I literally don’t want to disappoint him for this. Then I get to check the same stuff on Norsk Engrosservice online store and to my surprise, they got the same mini scooter for an unbelievable price. My Son is happy now and so does my monthly budget!

By :- Mindaugas Dobilas

They got all the cool helmets with a wide variety to choose from and seeing at the price tag they are coming with, the deal is more than just a bargain. Highly Recommended!

By :- Kjell Espen Thoresen

After looking at their online store, you got to believe the fact that good quality can also comes at Unbelievable prices. I recently bought some office furniture for my new startup and honestly speaking I got a real cheap deal.

By :- Martin Røsegg

I don’t prefer Online shopping that much and mostly used to check out retail store myself whenever need to buy any stuff for my home or other needs. Then I cam e to know about Norsk Engrosservice and after getting my first order delivered for a Induction cook top, I am more than impressed by their product quality and big time surprised by the price attached to it.

By :- Stephano Sondo

GREAT PRODUCTS AT REALLY LOW PRICES! You won’t be getting this anywhere else.

By :- Therese Jensen

My Experience with this online store is kind of okay. Though the quality of the product they deliver is quite good, they really need to improve on their delivery service though and then only I can certainly call them the best online store around.

By :- Sigbjørn Johansen

Online shopping always sounds risky to me and though my 15 year old son mostly buys his stuff from the web, I always chose to stay away. Then there was a day when he told me about this online store and seeing at their product quality and unmatched prices, I am one of their regular customers now.

By :- Lars Svaasand

I was quite hesitant to shop at their store at first but when I looked at the unbelievable price they got for their wide range of products online, I couldn’t stop myself to go on buying my favorite stuff from there. I bought a Cook top and an aggregator from their store and they are working fine even after 2 years.

By :- Petter Promowicz

Bought a Mini electric scooter for my daughter few days back and though they delivered it a bit late than what was expected, My child loved it to the core.

By :- Kristian Hildrum