Snow Blower

Norsk Engrosservice – How to Choose the Best Snow Blower for Your Purpose

All those areas across the globe which observe a heavy snowfall round the year needs to take care of certain things while ensuring a smooth flow of life in their daily routines. Clearing the roads and their verandahs out of snow is one of those daunting task which take s a lot of efforts down the line. Snow blowers are something which helps a lot in the same task and while all the local authorities keep bringing all such machines in use for road cleaning purpose, it’s really important for someone who goes to the outside market to take care of certain things while buying the Snow blowers.

Snow Blower

Area of operation

It all depends how much area you are going to cover while doing the task with a snow blower and whether you should buy a single stage, two stages or a three stage unit, it all depends big time on the same. Therefore when it comes to cleaning of smaller driveways, single-stage units are more than enough to do the job with great efficiency. As the area under cover wouldn’t be huge, you can easily manage to perform the required task without any hassle. Moreover, in case of driveways over 60 feet, you can also go for buying a two- or three-stage unit.

Types of snow you are operating on

While most of the Single-stage units can easily take care of the light snow surface, you will only get the requirement to use a two-stage unit when it comes to clear heavy, wet snow and the jagged augers cut through hard-packed snow or ice. On the other hand, Three-stage units can move heavier snow in lesser time period

Type of Terrain you are working on

If your work is in regards to operate on level surface, the Auger-assisted, push-propelled models should be your first choice. On the other hand, Engine-driven wheels would be the most suitable option for sloped terrain. Moreover, you can bring in use tire chains with some of the snow blower models to improve grip in every condition.

Types of Snow blowers

The most common types of snow blowers available in the, market are single-stage electric, single-stage gas, two-stage gas and three-stage gas. Moreover, if you want to operate more efficiently in your snow clearing task, you can use more than one type of snow blower in order to do the same.

Single-stage snow blowers are lighter on weight and easier to handle than the two- or three-stage models. These types of blowers are best suited to clear the snow from mid-size areas observing a snowfall of 8 inches or less. The whole process starts when an auger targets the snow through a discharge chute. Though the wheels attached aren’t fully engine-driven, the auger contacts the surface, providing limited forward-drive action.

Two stage or three stage Snow blowers– These snow blowers are best suitable for all the places observing snowfall more than 8 inches. These are heavier and weight and have engine driven wheels unlike the single stage snow blowers.

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