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Points to be Kept in Mind before buying Security Cameras – engrosservice

Security and safety of any business concern or private entity comes as a biggest priority for any individual as it takes years to build a home or business irrespective of the geographical location and industry. While most of the people don’t take the security aspect seriously initially, they start looking towards it in a serious manner only after letting a mishap to happen. Moreover, when we talk about Security, Security cameras plays a vital role in ensuring the safety and safety of any particular place, entity or organization. Purchasing a security camera is not a big concern but picking the right one is what matters most. Let’s take a look at some of the points which needs to be kept in mind while going to purchase a security camera.

Security Cameras

IP rating and Night Vision

While IP stands for “Ingress Protection” and the two numbers that follow the abbreviation confirm you the status of its protective capabilities from water and solids

This further means that they are dirt proof and can combat any attack in liquid form from outside sources. If you want further protection from stormy winds and Heavy rain, you must go with IP66 and just relax further.


One of the famous types of security cameras are Bullet, Dome, PTZ. Therefore you must choose the same according to your requirements. If you are picking it for the Outdoor purpose you must go for the Bullet and if it’s about the Indoor Purpose then you must go for the Dome one. There are also PTZ Cameras which are mostly used to take care of the long distances.


The size and shape of lenses plays a vital role in the overall security of the entity and getting a go through at the lens sizes isn’t that complex issue. The fact is simple, the smaller the size of the lenses in mm, the broader area it would be able to cover up in the process. For example, with a 2.8mm lens you can get a clear and wider view of a market or a traffic light and can capture all the activities within its frame. On the other hand, with a 60mm lens you can capture a selected zone like the packaging department of a company and all the inflows and outflows of the goods and products in the same.


If we talk about the Resolution part, The HD CCTV Cameras provides the highest and best resolution amongst the category and while we understand that more the resolution, better picture quality it’s going to be. That’s why it’s been said that if you are using a 1MP camera, you will get a good picture quality, if you are using a 2MP camera, its will be better and if you are using a camera with better megapixel quality, you can expect exceptional picture quality with each added MP. Moreover, if you want to buy Bets quality norsk engrosservice security cameras online for your personal or professional needs you can visit the website